General Information


Unlike a regular course, there is no formal teaching in this course. It is expected that students devote no less than 120-140 hours to working on this project. Students will work in groups of two or three (depending on actual enrolment in that particular semester) under the supervision of the course coordinator. The duration of the project will be two to three months. The time of running this project-based course is normally the summer term (May – August).

Enrollment of this course is not conducted via the online course selection system and should be made through the Department office after approval has been obtained from the course coordinator. Students who are interested in taking the course should contact the Department for application. The application period is April-May.


Students are expected to have satisfactorily completed all introductory chemistry core courses and at least four advanced chemistry core courses.


To be announced.

Course coordinator

Dr. Angela Pui-Ling Tong < >

Useful Forms

Enrollment form (To be available)