Chemistry is a broad subject with many topics worth investigating. You may choose an investigation topic that interests you most or concerns you a lot from your experiences. A capstone course should not be something you can do in a weekend but take many hours of thought and work. The topic you choose should be something in which you are interested and it should be specific. You may need to spend quite some time to think carefully what specific area of an issue you would like to investigate for your project. You will need to do some background research before deciding on what topic you will choose. After the initial inspiration, the idea may need to be molded a few more times during the course of the project in order to make a sound and practical investigation plan. During the process, you may need to apply and integrate what you have learnt before, conduct literature search regarding advanced chemistry research and related technology under development to solve the problems identified in your project using various channels, and verify whether the proposed solutions should be sound and valid.
You may refer to the “Communication Channels” part to get some idea on how to collect information from various channels.
Some possible investigation areas have been listed in this section for your reference. The list is by no means exhaustive. It is meant to give you some ideas of the possible areas for investigation and the topic you choose can be related to one of those areas or not related to those areas. Do feel free to develop your own ideas of investigation.